Power Systems & Controls has just shipped the final 40' Lithium-Ion Battery container, which houses 2MW of power storage. This system is composed of (10) such units for a total power capacity of 20MW. PS&C has been supporting Parker Hannifin, Mitsubishi, and many other strategic partners for this specific application for some time. This will be the first time in history a project like this has been completed that will be both profitable and non-government funded. A breakthrough for Alternative Energy's capability and potential to become a viable long-term solution.

The lithium-ion battery Shelters were designed to support renewable power generation sources to maintain grid frequency stability, as well as, the ability to handle peak shaving. Advancements in battery technology and battery based storage systems are gaining in popularity when compared to more traditional means. This makes it ideal for frequency regulation, peak shaving, renewable capacity firming, load following, ramp rate control, power factor control, black start, etc. We are excited about this milestone and look forward to supporting our partners on even larger projects in the future!

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