3 Phase Static Frequency Converter:

Series SFC3

Three Phase Converter

Power Systems & Controls' Series SFC-3 is a 3 Phase Static Frequency Converter designed to provide equipment with 25Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz, 100Hz, or 400Hz power. The three phase static frequency converter converts the source power.  It converts from one voltage and frequency to another voltage and frequency. Solid-state technology means the static converter's only moving parts are the fans used for forcing cooling the system. PS&C’s solid-state converters are built upon a dynamic platform, and incorporate the latest technology in solid-state PWM "inverter and rectifier controls.  For single phase application, see the Single Phase Static Frequency Converter (SFC-1).



  • Solid-State Topology
  • Precision Voltage Regulation
  • Control & Fault Monitoring
  • PWM Inverter & Rectifier
  • Integrated Quiet Design
  • Vertical & Horizontal Configurations
  • Multiple Output Capability

The PS&C Series SFC 3 phase static frequency converter utilizes 6 and 12 pulse, as well as, "IGBT" topology for the most efficient solid state frequency conversion available. This advancement in digital technology gives PS&C's converters a great advantage over other conventional converters. Although IGBT's are a more expensive solution, PS&C has avoided utilizing older technology to provide a product with an incredible input allowing this machine to support equipment in the most extreme electrical conditions.

The IGBT/IGBT topology provides THD less than 1% and efficiency up to 97% with input power factor at .99 minimum.  In addition, the standard SCR/IGBT built systems as we have been designing solid-state frequency conversion systems for decades. Subsequently, PS&C's static frequency converter is available from 10 - 2,000kVA, and is ideal for applications where footprint, noise, and controls are a priority. In addition, there are numerous options available ranging from a color touch screen display and advanced communications to specialized NEMA and ISO enclosures.