3 Phase Static Uninterruptible Power Supply:


Static Uninterruptible Power Supply

Power Systems & Controls' Series Continuum Static UPS 3 Phase also called Static Uninterruptible Power Supply (SUPS) was developed for the most demanding power users. PS&C's Static UPS 3 Phase is a double conversion, on-line, intelligent, universal, and heavy duty UPS. It incorporates the latest technology in solid-state pulse width modulation (PWM) inverter and PWM rectifier/charger controls available on the market today. This combined with the use of an "All IGBT" topology allows for an extremely efficient double conversion process for such a robust static system. The Static UPS systems come in single modules, as well as, paralleled systems for complete N+X redundancy.



  • True On-line Double Conversion
  • High Speed Digital Controls
  • Lower Audible Noise
  • Small Overall Footprint
  • Advanced Monitoring & Controls
  • Advanced Communications Platform
  • 50Hz & 60Hz Capability

The Series Continuum UPS modules have advanced paralleling capabilities to meet any kVA requirement between 10 - 2,000kVA. They are also available in 50Hz and 60Hz, which is important for international corporations looking to streamline their maintenance requirements. The robust design of the Static UPS means it can operate in the harshest of environments unlike most solid state equipment that demand ideal conditions to ensure proper operation and end of life (EOL).

The continuous operation with 100% rated bypass provides the highest reliability against input disturbances in the toughest of conditions. All units are microprocessor controlled and operate with multiple communication technologies. The Static Uninterruptible Power Supply offers complete system protection, monitoring, and manageability, which guarantees maximum up time and reliability. The Series Continuum is easy to install and service as they can be integrated into almost any commercial or industrial environment.

Static UPS 3 Phase ease of use:

The Static Uninterruptible Power Supplies have a small footprint and were developed with lightweight materials to reduce the cost of installation and transportation. The Static UPS 3 phase comes with a simple to understand display and easy user friendly controls. It is also available with battery monitoring and communications to help detect any problems. There are also numerous options available ranging from a color touch screen display and remote communications to specialized NEMA and ISO enclosures.

If you need a single phase version of the UPS, PS&C has available options for static Single Phase UPS.