American Microsystems, Inc. (Sold in 2000) selects PS&C in Idaho to support its data centers.  AMI is a custom microchip fabricator located in Pocatello, Idaho that produces many of its chips for the control systems of aircraft, like the new Boeing 777. Like other chip manufacturers, AMI was keenly aware of the importance of protecting its sensitive fabrication processes since downtime results in loss of production, and loss of revenue. Larry Fisher, P.E., AMI's Plant Engineer responsible for overall power quality, was convinced that a Hybrid Rotary UPS was the way to go because of its historically proven technology and ruggedness. All that was left was choosing the UPS that best suited AMI's needs and budget.

PS&C has been building the most reliable Rotary UPS systems for over 30 years. Furthermore, we have experience in the fabrication market with UPS systems already online at Intel, Texas Instruments, American Micro Devices, Hitachi, and Motorola Worldwide. Since we'd visited with Mr. Fisher on several occasions, he was already familiar with our UPS technology, Field Service, and life cycle cost scenario. He was also aware of our continuing efforts to identify and eliminate single point failure components. After making a full product line presentation to Mr. Fisher and his staff, PS&C offered AMI a new Series XC 1000kVA UPS.

AMI took shipment of the UPS in July of 1995. Barely two months later, during the weekend of September 9-10, the Pocatello, Idaho area experienced a power outage. AMI, with its PS&C UPS, rode through the outage without so much as a hiccup! The system remained online throughout the outage and protected the sensitive fab manufacturing systems

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