Arc Flash Evaluation:

Life Safety is not optional – Protect your workforce

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Arc Flash Evaluation

Power Systems & Controls' Arc Flash Evaluations will help optimize facility health management to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).  OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has announced that they will be enforcing Arc Flash safety procedures as outlined in the NEC 70E Standard.  Arcing from an electrical fault can produce extremely high temperatures at 10,000° F+.  Air will expand rapidly at this high temperature causing metals to expand and vaporize.  When an arc flash occurs, personnel not wearing adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) are often seriously injured or killed.  However, this tragedy can often be avoided if an appropriate Arc Flash Evaluation had taken place and correct PPE utilized.  The NFPA recommends that an Arc Flash Evaluation should occur every 5 years.

Arc flash studies determine the minimum level of PPE workers must wear when they are near exposed energized equipment.  An Arc Flash study provides a quantifiable assessment of the hazard level.  Arc Flash calculations assess the available arc fault exposure at panels and similar equipment locations within a facility.  The objective of this evaluation/study is to determine the level of PPE personnel must wear to limit the incident energy to a survivable level.  Arc Flash evaluations do not attempt to eliminate all risk associated with electrical arcs.

Evaluations will Determine:

  • Arc Flash Hazard Boundary
  • Correct Approach Distance
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Level
  • Shock Hazard


  • Ensure Safe Workplace
  • Facilities that must comply to OSHA
  • Facilities that must comply to NFPA

A Power Systems & Controls' Arc Flash Assessment, with follow-up report and recommendations, has become the standard for all commercial facilities.  Each electrical panel, switchgear, and motor control center from the MV entrance to the low voltage distribution is part of the evaluation.  Make sure you are OSHA and NFPA compliant as PS&C will develop an arc flash evaluation which will meet the new regulations of NFPA 70E, IEEE-1584, and OSHA Standard 29.  Our Arc Flash Study will include the evaluation, applying of labels, and proper training.  Additionally, PS&C can provide you with the nnecessary PPE as required.