Battery Monitoring System:

Series Sentry II

Power Systems & Controls' Series Sentry, Battery Monitoring System is the right tool to protect your "mission critical" power concerns. The best way to ensure the integrity of your backup power system is with battery maintenance and a sound management program which will identify and predict battery failure.  The Series Sentry II is on constant duty to monitor the DC power plant of your system.  The Battery Monitoring System provides "real time" data 24-7 to keep you informed.  With the Series Sentry you will avoid the false security that periodic battery testing offers, because it will alert you to developing problems well in advance of potential failures.

The Series Sentry is a proprietary system, which utilizes the latest technology while protecting your critical load.  The system is comprised of Wireless Battery Monitors, Parameter Collectors (DACM), Cycle Meter/Controller, DC Current Transformers, Interconnect Wires, and Fused Links.  The Cycle Meter/Controller is the "brain" for the system with a (3) window LED readout for system volts, charge/discharge, and AC ripple.  A LCD screen monitors all of the parameters and can be adjusted locally in the the event the Sentry II software is not being utilized.

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  • Wireless Battery Monitoring System
  • Continuous Battery Monitoring
  • Stores & Trends Data
  • Audible Alarm
  • 20+ Years EOL