PS&C had the opportunity to give back this Holiday season. We were honored to work with the Moments of Hope Outreach program to give back to the community and help those less fortunate during these trying times. During Thanksgiving, we collected food from our team members and donated to the
   January 10, 2024   
Congressman Rob Wittman visiting PS&C
PS&C had the opportunity to meet with Congressman Rob Wittman. We are extremely honored and grateful to have had Congressman Wittman pay a visit to our factory today! His presence meant the world to us, and we sincerely appreciate the time he took out of his busy schedule to come
   May 22, 2023
PS&C's Series AVR is a solid-state Automatic Voltage Regulator designed to protect your system against electrical brownouts, sags, surges, transients, and other electrical disturbances. It utilizes solid-state microprocessor based regulation to adjust voltage, with a multi-shield computer grade transformer and filter to remove transients and noise. Learn More: Learn
   July 9, 2021
PSC Connection
Mechanical Engineering encompasses a wide array of expertise, which includes such disciplines as piping and fluids, heat transfer and air flow, sheet metal fabrication, and equipment design to just name a few. PS&C Mechanical Engineers have developed a unique set of skills to become a dominant force within our industry.
   July 2, 2021
100% Customer Satisfaction
Often times our clients need to solve power anomalies. PS&C's goal is to diagnose and resolve every issue that is brought to us. We strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction every time. Contact us today, so we can solve your power needs! Learn More: Learn more about Who We Are
   June 24, 2021
Power Systems & Controls' Series SFC-3 is a 3 Phase Static Frequency Converter designed to provide equipment with 25Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz, 100Hz, or 400Hz power. The 3 Phase Static Frequency Converter converts the source power. It converts from one voltage and frequency to another voltage and frequency. Solid-state technology means
   June 18, 2021
Custom Application
PS&C builds equipment to last. Our mission is to contribute to your long term growth plan utilizing readily available equipment in our designs, for an extended product life. We strive for the best option for price & delivery, with an exceptional Service Team that transitions seamlessly. Learn more about Who
   June 11, 2021
PS&C Strong Standards
Here at PS&C, our standards dictate that we use the strongest, employ the strongest, and export the strongest products that we possibly can. We are Creators, Engineers, Manufacturers and Solution Providers. We get things done. Learn More: Learn more about Who We Are !
   June 4, 2021
Pure Sine Wave
Rotary Power Conditioning solutions recreate the required power by converting the incoming electrical energy into mechanical energy and then back again into electrical energy through the use of an electric motor driving a generator. The motor generator set absorbs load harmonics and produces a pure sine-wave output, which is ideal
   May 28, 2021
Series XC
Power Systems & Controls’ Series XC is a Hybrid Rotary UPS (RUPS) system designed for “mission critical” facilities. It is available from 400 - 5,000kVA and combines the best features of both rotary isolation and high speed solid-state power stages into one solution for the ultimate in power protection. It
   May 21, 2021
PS&C Power Quality
Power Systems & Controls' Power Quality Survey will help optimize facility health management to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Power Quality refers to the reliable delivery of clean electrical energy in a form that enables electrical equipment to operate properly. Electrical disturbances may cause malfunctions, failures, or shut downs unexpectedly.
   May 14, 2021
Series DTS
With so much electrical noise being created within and outside primary electrical systems, Power Systems & Controls developed the Series DTS Isolation Transformer. The Series DTS supports clean, isolated power feeding sensitive computer based equipment. In addition, it comes equipped with an electrostatic shield for improved electrical attenuation, as well
   May 7, 2021
PS&C Training
Power Systems & Controls ensures that our staff in Manufacturing, Assembly, Test and Field Service are continuously training and learning how to employ new techniques and tools to execute the task. We offer the same classroom and hands on training to our customers in the same test facilities that our
   April 30, 2021
PS&C Fortified Enclosure
PS&C developed our Forced Entry Ballistic Reinforced (FEBR) shelter to protect equipment and personnel from outside hostile threats. Our standard FEBR shelters are built to withstand an attack for at least 60 minutes and are built in accordance with the latest DOD standards. In addition, we manufacture Enclosures and Shelters
   April 23, 2021
PS&C Fabrication
Our process at Power Systems & Controls is to use existing components that were created with great structure. Then our team strips them down to the essential parts; the bare bone elements. From that point, our Fabrication Squad enhances and strengthens the core foundation. Each product goes through the hands
   April 16, 2021
Modular Tactical Shelter
PS&C's Modular Shelter Solutions are designed for rapid deployment and can be tailored to meet any requirement. The modules deploy from their mobile form to operational status within hours of arriving at their final location. They are easily transported using a number of commercial methods via flatbed truck, railway, or
   April 9, 2021
Clean Operations
Power Systems & Controls executes production via 4 major departments for the successful completion and transfer of all of our Power & Enclosure solutions. Those specifically are: Sheet Metal Fabrication, Enclosure Fabrication, Paint & Electrical Assembly. In-house production is a process we pride ourselves on, occurring daily at our headquarters
   April 1, 2021
Static & Rotary Power
In 1965, Power Systems & Controls Inc (PS&C) was established in response to a need by Caterpillar to build a series of machines that would bridge the 8 second gap of time from Utility outage to the Diesel Generator being synchronized on-line. Based in Richmond, VA, PS&C has been working
   March 26, 2021
Remote Monitor & Control - Series RMC
Power Systems & Controls’ Series RMC, Remote Monitor & Control system is designed to take all the telemetry from the connected devices and store/display in redundant monitors with options to view, control, alarm, print and email, at a minimum.  There are multiple versions of the Series RMC currently available with
   March 18, 2021
An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) has only one mission; to protect the load when the power goes out.  When a power disturbance occurs, mission critical power users, who cannot afford an interruption in power, need a method to bridge the gap between the loss of utility and Emergency Generators.  As
   March 12, 2021