Classroom & On-Site Training:

Know How to Work With Power

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Classroom & On-Site Training

Power Systems & Controls’ Classroom and On-Site Training programs will help optimize facility health management to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).  PS&C Field Service Division offers a wide range of Service Capabilities.  Thorough training is one of the most important steps a potential customer can take in order to ensure proper system maintenance and longevity.  Having the appropriate knowledge and understanding of your Power Quality System is imperative for today’s fast moving and demanding world.  We pride ourselves in delivering intelligent training applications to a range of customers and clients.  Power Systems & Controls offers training on-site at the customer’s location, or at our facilities in Richmond, VA in a classroom setting.  A PS&C Engineer will provide a custom tailored training session with whomever you decide to attend.

Training Benefits:

  • Custom Training Session
  • Decreased Maintenance Costs
  • Increased System EOL
  • Properly Trained Personnel

The training session will include a lecture on the theory, construction, and maintenance of your future system.  A comprehensive training booklet will be provided which will include the information covered during your training session, as well as, other useful information for continued system operation such as maintenance milestones and recommendations.

On-site training can take place anywhere in the world with relatively short notice.  Power Systems & Controls has worked in some of the most remote places in the world; therefore, logistics and coordination are not an issue as we have a well established infrastructure to support our operations.  On-site training can be as long or brief as the customer desires.  However, PS&C recommends that at a minimum, training consist of two (2) hours of instruction on the theory of system operation, as well as, four (4) hours on repair and maintenance.  We welcome all opportunities to talk about our designs and interact with our customers.