DC Inverter:


Power Systems & Controls is a leading manufacturer of Power Conditioning & Power Quality products serving the United States Government and Industry since 1965.  DC Inverter technology is one of the products we built.  This unit compliments the other products and solutions we provide.  We support these Power Quality products with our world class field service division to ensure our relationships only get stronger with time.

PS&C’s Series DCI, (Direct Current) DC Inverter will provide the best possible solution for any inverter requirement.  An inverter is an electrical power converter that changes direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC).  The new AC power is created at the required voltage and frequency.  This is due to the use of transformers and switching components.  Almost all power applications can use Solid State inverters.  This is based on their design.  They have almost no moving parts, which keeps maintenance low.  Some of these applications include converting DC power from Alternative Energy Sources (AES) to large electric utility DC requirements.  Solar panels, wind turbines, and batteries use Inverters to supply AC power from DC sources.


  • Aircraft Power
  • Weapons Systems
  • Direct Current Power