DC Power Supply:

Series DCPS

DC Power Supply

PS&C’s Series DCPS, Direct Current Power Source was designed to provide superior DC Power in the most extreme conditions in the world. Therefore, every Power Systems & Controls power supply offers a wide voltage and current range.  In addition to fine setting resolution, so you can precisely generate the power you need to satisfy many different applications. The Series DCPS was designed to be the ideal solution for our customers and clients that need a D.C. power supply through utilizing a rectifier. A rectifier is an electrical system that converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) also known as rectification.

A Series DCPS is a DC Power Supply as called a DC Power Source.  First and foremost, PS&C is a leading manufacturer of Power Conditioning & Power Quality products.  Serving the United States Government and Industry since 1965.  Consequently, we provide the correct product or solution for the application every time.  Furthermore, we support these Power Quality products with our world class field service division to ensure our relationships only get stronger with time.

Power Systems & Controls uses a solid-state rectifier. Similarly, rectifiers are often found serving as components of a DC power supply and high-voltage direct current power transmission systems. Consequently, the process of rectification produces a type of DC characterized by pulsating voltages and currents (although still unidirectional). As a result, this type of DC current may then be further modified into the type of relatively constant voltage DC characteristically produced by such sources as batteries or solar cells.



  • Solid State Topology
  • Precision Voltage Regulation
  • Indoor & Outdoor Capable
  • Small  Footprint
  • Quiet Design