What is a Diesel Ready System:


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Diesel Fuel Wash System

When you have an emergency power system that relies on a stored fuel source, you need the means to remove the unwanted particulates and water from the supply. The Diesel Ready System, Series DRS, is a self-contained maintenance system.  It cleans stored diesel and biodiesel fuelsEngine Generators are delivered with fuel water separators and some foreign particulate removal.  However, PS&C has a proven system to automatically remove water and solids to 10 microns.  We also offer an option available for 5 microns.  The DRS delivers only clean, dry, and contaminant-free fuel to the standby emergency power systems.

Implementing the Diesel Ready System eliminates the need for environmentally damaging chemical additives.  This results in additional cost savings and ensures trouble free operation.  The Series DRS services tanks up to 60,000 gallons, and is fully automated with remote monitoring.  The Diesel Ready System has a NEMA 4 enclosure, with leak detection for in-remote or hazardous locations.  The Series DRS has redundant DC power supply to support the loss of battery.  In addition, the unit has numerous options to make your Series DRS the perfect solution for your specific application.