Dynamic Frequency Regulator:


Dynamic Frequency Regulator

Power Systems & Controls' Series DFR is a Dynamic Frequency Regulator, designed for environments with frequency deviations.  Equipment built today, will not all equipment to operate properly. Due to our experience, the DFR is based on the Series MC Rotary UPS.  However the DFR will not have the bypass or battery function.  Subsequently, the dynamic frequency regulator has all other UPS components in the primary power path.  As a result, this allows for easy identification of frequency anomalies. If an anomaly is identified it will automatically correct these deviations providing constant, reliable, and clean power to downstream equipment.



  • Unstable Power Conditions
  • International Markets
  • Power Frequency Environments
  • Critical Power Users
  • Power Quality Problems
  • Solar Energy Fields
  • USG & D.O.D. Applications


  • Hybrid Rotary Technology
  • Precision Voltage Regulation
  • Control & Fault Monitoring
  • Color Touch Screen Display
  • Integrated Quiet Design
  • Vertical & Horizontal Configurations
  • Multiple Output Capability
The Series DFR will provide the same uncompromising reliability as all of Power Systems & Controls equipment as it is based on our hybrid rotary technology. The frequency regulator is available from 25 – 500kVA.  Our commitment to power quality supported the development of this industrial grade product that will correct the frequency and voltage simultaneously.  This reliability coupled with the long life design gives the SERIES DFR a distinct advantage over all other regulators on the market today. The dynamic frequency regulation is ideal for international markets or situations where frequency deviations remain a constant problem.  Also because of its rotary design, the Series DFR also benefits from simplified maintenance and easier to understand topology. In summary, the dynamic frequency regulator can be customized to better fit the needs of your project.  PS&C offers numerous options including a color touch screen display and remote communications, as well as, special NEMA and ISO enclosures.