Electrical Engineering:

At Power Systems & Controls there is no doubt as to the type of Electrical Engineering professionals we have designing our power quality systems.  Our Power Engineers have extensive training in power quality problems and solutions.  When they take that knowledge out to the field, they continually fine tune their experience.  Due to a constant state of change and implementation with modern electrical grids, there is no formal guidebook for power problems.

Our Engineers will travel to a customer’s location, armed with the more than DVM’s or DSM’s.  We bring whatever tool is needed to collect the data for the right solution. However, capturing the electrical data is only half the task, as it takes a true power Engineer to understand the results and formulate a report with specific actions.  PS&C's team of Engineers are devoted to keeping up with the advancing digital controls in our developing industry.  PS&C’s Engineers are not only “world class” but they also really care about making a difference.

Area of Expertise:

  • Evaluate electrical systems, products, components, and applications
  • Design & conduct research programs for applying knowledge of electricity and materials
  • Confirm system & component capabilities through testing
  • Study & evaluate the customer's requirements and application
  • Assure product quality through electrical testing methods
  • Collect, analyze, and summarize any significant trends
  • Keep equipment operational and properly maintained
  • Provide Engineering support by answering questions & requests
  • Maintain product/company reputation by complying with Federal & State regulations
  • Maintain product database through computer programs and data entry
  • Training and guiding service technicians
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge
  • Attend educational workshops & professional societies
  • Review and participate in professional publications