10' - 20' - 40' & Stick Built

From tactical operating centers to temporary training centers, the demand for enclosures & shelters is increasing every day on a global basis.  As a result, PS&C custom builds and up-fits ISO containers every day with the logistical support for every client's fast moving project.  We specialize in wide array of applications, including energy solutions that our clients request.  Our craftsmen have the experiential knowledge to support our any client, international/ domestic or governmental/ commercial.

Shelter Categories:

The following list of enclosures & shelters are categories for each group.

Data Center

Data Centers:

Our Portable Data Centers are versatile with 3 options for cooling.  To this point, they are the #1 tactical data centers available in the market.  When combined with out Portable Power Centers and Portable Equipment Shelters, you can create an MTOC.

Portable Equipment Shelter

Equipment Shelters:

Portable Equipment Shelters refer to modular units that house UPS systems, Custom rack systems, or mission specific equipment.  These shelters have a wide array of options and build styles.  Therefore, our Portable Equipment Shelters are a "must have", if you are building a tactical antenna array.

Living Quarters

Living Quarters:

Power Systems & Controls’ Living Quarters can be delivered and setup in less than 24 hours. Furthermore, no foundation or structural assembly is needed. All galley and dining systems are designed for providing your organization the ability to feed its workforce on site in the most cost effective, efficient, and timely manner. These units are available in a variety of sizes and can be designed for your individual project requirements.

Modular Shelter

Modular Shelter Solutions:

We offer products typically in a 20’ or 40’ footprint, as well as, 10' and custom stick built shelters.  PS&C will meet any required Modular Footprint or custom requirement, as needed. In other words, we can handle big projects or small because of our diverse Engineering Department, which allows us to also offer Design & Build services.

Personnel Shelters

Personnel Shelters:

Personnel Shelters are used for any personnel application where a desk and computer is needed.  Whether you need a 4 person station or a larger compliment of people, this is your answer.  These shelters can be put side by side for easy expand ability.

Secure Shelters

Secure Shelters:

Secure Shelter System has become a very common solution to new threat of personnel and data. Security is of paramount importance to those who truly need it. Power Systems & Controls understands this and can provide any solution for your requirement whether its physical security, electronic security, or electrical/EMI security.