Why choose an Expandable Equipment Shelter:

1 or 2 Sided Expandable

Power Systems & Controls’ line of Expandable Equipment Shelter Systems are built with the best technology with special attention given to being adaptable, transportable and easily deployable. Each shelter is built with R22 rockwool insulation that is impervious to water, mold, mildew, and fire. The superstructure it built with welded 2 x 3 structural tube steel and reinforced to be stacked up to 9 high. Expandable shelters are ideal for Users who need a lightweight, easily transportable shelter via commercial shipping channels.

The Expandable Equipment Shelter (EES) is designed in a standard ISO footprint.  It offers up to (3) times the square footage of the transported size once deployed. The ESS is built with a HVAC unit mounted in a small utility room within the ISO footprint, which allows for proper cooling of the shelter. Equipped with an ATS fed via pin & sleeve connectors, the ESS will receive (2) inputs (Either utility to Diesel or Diesel to Diesel Transfer) guaranteeing the User will have power at all times. It is also equipped with (2) separate groups of power outlets; one that is isolated and another that is non-isolated. The groups of outlets are typically 16 to 25 duplexes along all deployed walls and ceiling. There are also multiple door configurations available, which allow for flexible personnel access.

Examples of Shelters:

The expandable shelter system is built for a specific function. For example, the expandable could be a PCC (Portable Command Center), a PPC (Portable Power Center), PSF (Portable Shower Facility), a PES (Portable Equipment Shelter), and a PRDC (Portable Reinforced Data Center) just to name a few. The ESS can be deployed by 2-3 people in 30 minutes. PS&C also offers full life cycle support for all the shelter systems we manufacture. Whether its repair, refurbishment, or further modification; PS&C has the experience and expertise to provide whatever level of support is required.

The system is designed to be deployed and un-deployed an unlimited number of times without degradation to functional use. Its rugged construction supports multiple deployments and service for 20 years with proper maintenance. The expandable shelters are certified by the American Bureau of Shipping and maintain the Container Shipping Certification (CSC). Furthermore, the ESS can be deployed as a stand-alone unit or can be deployed in a Modular configuration with vestibules and walk-ways between the multiple units. Our Engineering Department can also meet any Design & Build specification. Currently there are approximately 50 PS&C expandable shelters deployed and operating OCONUS in support of D.O.D. operations.