Field Service Support:

Field Service Capabilities

Our customers and clients trust and depend on PS&C’s Field Service Support because it saves time, money, and your equipment.  Power Systems & Controls considers service a top priority because our customer’s operations are critical and depend upon clean reliable power.  PS&C has the capability to provide complete field service support for any project, big or small.  Planning, logistics, startup, commissioning, installation, maintenance, and many other services, like preventative maintenance are included in those support options.

PS&C provides support at the local, national, and international level.  We are also not limited by region or industry.  Power Systems & Controls Field Service Division is staffed with factory trained technicians and Engineers.  Our veteran experience is bar none and PS&C's accomplishments stretch worldwide.  Contact us now: or Call!

Examples of Field Service Support:

Arc Flash Evaluation

Arc Flash Evaluation:

An Arc Flash Fire is one that can result from an electrical fault in any environment.  Air meets the electrical malfunction fire, which can cause the flames to expand, reaching temperatures of 10,000 degrees° F.  PS&C can evaluate any work environment to prohibit this from happening.  The NFPA recommends that an Arc Flash Evaluation should occur every 5 years
Classroom & Onsite Trainings

Classroom & Onsite Trainings:

Classroom & Onsite Trainings improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).  PS&C offers training on-site at the customer’s location, or at our facilities in Richmond, VA in a classroom setting.  Training benefits from one of our expert Engineers include: a custom training session, properly trained personnel, decreased maintenance costs, and increased system End-of-Life (EOL).
Electrical One Line Development

Electrical One Line Development:

An Electrical One Line Development is needed to map any electrical systems distribution route.  Updating and maintaining your power infrastructure is dependent on this "blueprint".  PS&C can conduct a comprehensive site survey to set you on the right power path.
Electrical Testing

Electrical Testing:

A healthy power system must rely on strong electrical connections.  Any weakening in a power system can stress other parts of a circuit.  Electrical Testing is necessary to maintain the production process long term.  PS&C can assist with any electrical need, ensuring optimal results from your facility's power grid.
Infrared Analysis

Infrared Analysis:

Infrared Analysis is a necessity when testing a machine's stress load.  Both electrical and mechanical equipment produce heat while moving, which provides a perfect condition to test an equipment's long term performance.  Infrared scans also locate "hot spots" in your electrical infrastructure, which can represent the deterioration of electrical components.  PS&C can help identify, diagnose and treat these power system threats.
Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection:

A properly installed Lightning Protection System will provide an enhanced grounding network for lightning’s destructive electricity as it is directed safely into the ground, leaving the building, occupants and contents unharmed.  All systems utilize the same layered approach to protection and consist of four key components: Air Terminals, Conductors/Bonding, Grounding, and Transient/Surge Protection.
Line Isolation Monitor Testing

Line Isolation Monitor Testing:

Health Code states that all Line Isolation Monitors (LIMs) must be tested every 12 months.  Line Isolation Monitors are continually operating, and indicate possible leakage or fault currents from isolated conductor to ground.  PS&C's preventative maintenance will identify faulty anomalies and other power quality issues, which could be affecting the equipment's performance, causing an outage, or even a fatality.
Lubrication Analysis

Lubrication Analysis:

Lubrication Analysis is a proactive maintenance tool because it allows for early warning of unseen corrosion and possible failure.  PS&C's comprehensive review of your system will cover everything including advanced wear debris analysis.  The Oil Analyzer tests oil for machine wear, lube contamination, and other indicators that are indicative of an equipment health failure.
Power Quality Survey

Power Quality Survey:

Power Quality Surveys are performed in order for our customers to understand the condition or health of the electric equipment being tested.  All assessments are performed by monitoring waveforms within the power structure.  We will identify any grounding errors, transient voltages, surges, and harmonic distortions that may be affecting your power quality, and therefore, system reliability.
Full & Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance:

From checking your power settings to offering full factory service and repair of all critical power components, PS&C's Preventative Maintenance is a critical tool in protecting your power system.  Not only do we work around your schedule, Emergency service is provided 24/7 at no additional charge.  If the problem cannot be handled directly over the phone, we will either dispatch a contract service representative in your area or send someone directly from our technical support center in Richmond, VA.
Switchgear & Switchboard Preventative Maintenance

Switchgear & Switchboard Preventative Maintenance:

Switchgear & Switchboard Preventative Maintenance is an additional tool towards setting your professional environment up for continual power success.  Switchgear, Switchboards, and Breakers exist in every building as an integral part of the electrical distribution.  If any component experiences failure, a delay of service could trigger mass malfunction in a power system.  An inspection from PS&C will limit your disruptions.
Troubleshoot & Repair

Troubleshoot & Repair:

PS&C's Service Division has a staff of Full-Service technicians ready to support your UPS, Power Conditioning, or other critical system needs; whatever your Troubleshoot & Repair issues are!  We have experience fixing Automation Systems, Building Management Systems, Control & Monitoring Systems, Electrical Systems, Enclosure & Shelter Systems, HVAC & ECU Systems, Mechanical Systems, and of course Power Quality Systems.
Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis:

Vibration Analysis utilizes vibration analytics to determine the condition and integrity of the equipment.  Information collected allows our technicians and engineers to evaluate when there is a mechanical issue by testing for inconsistencies.  Data is gathered by attaching meters to the equipment to identify the distinct vibrations of the rotating components.

The Field Service Support team works closely with customers so maintenance and field service windows are understood upfront, which ensures expectations are met.  PS&C effectively equips clients with an efficient cross-functional team of support engineers and technicians skilled in electronics, mechanics, automation, and power quality.  Our Field Service Support customers benefit from having a single source provider of better quality at a lower cost than building their own field service team.  PS&C also enables companies to reduce equipment ownership costs by providing best value installation, maintenance and asset management solutions.  Our business model offers cost savings and the best service and quality because of the support we offer from product inception to product delivery and commissioning.


  • Increased System EOL
  • Proper Project Execution
  • Simplified Coordination

Power Systems & Controls provides services to Entrepreneurs, USG, International Entities, Fortune 500, etc.  With each of these markets we have earned a reputation for dependability, versatility, and quality.  PS&C’s success has been a result of our ability to establish a close relationship that generates significant value and ROI.  For the USG, Power Systems & Controls has the necessary clearances to work at some of the most “restricted” and “cleared” sites in the world.  Please contact us today to see how PS&C Service can help support your operations moving forward.