Forced Entry Ballistic Reinforced:

Model FEBR

Power Systems & Controls developed our line of Forced Entry Ballistic Reinforced (FEBR),, Force Protection Hardened, and Blast Rated shelters to protect equipment and personnel from outside hostile threats. Our standard FEBR shelters are built to withstand attack for at least 60 minutes.  This is in accordance with the latest Department of State standards. However, we also design and manufacture elite bunker systems capable of withstanding assault for hours if not days. PS&C’s forced entry ballistic reinforced shelters are tested, proven, and can be manufactured to withstand small arms, RPG, and explosive ordinance detonations.

Forced Entry Ballistic Reinforced (FEBR) shelters are temperature controlled using forced air HVAC. FEBR shelters are offered in 20’, 40’, and custom design footprints as our Engineering Department can help in formulating the optimal solution for the User’s specific application. PS&C’s typical design allows for a level of protection against Forced Entry (FE), as well as, ballistic protection.  They are equivalent to NIJ IV test level. This protects against rounds of 30-06 M2 AP with a velocity of 2900fps. Because our design differs from others, there is more in store.  The hostile threats have to deal with additional measures hidden within our unique design.

What is a FEBR:

The FEBR’s are a great first step for low threat level sites.  In addition to areas where the equipment/personnel require protection from stray projectiles. If a greater need for protection is required, PS&C can offer our bunker systems capable of handling RPG and C-4 explosions. They are over built in order to handle the most severe hostile threats. Furthermore, our FEBR engineering group can work with the User to meet any requirement or specification. They have been successfully deployed overseas in support of U.S. war efforts.  As a result of this market expanding, our elite bunker systems will continue to set the industry standard.

PS&C’s shelters and enclosures are capable of being deployed anywhere in the world. Power Systems & Controls can offer our standard 20’ or 40’ shelters, and can meet Expandable, Modular, and Design & Build  FEBR requirements.