Extended Range Automatic Voltage Regulator:

Series GSR

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Series GSR

Power Systems & Controls' Series GSR is an Extended Range Automatic Voltage Regulator.  The Series GSR protects your system against electrical brownouts, sags, surges, transients, and other electrical disturbances.  This Automatic Voltage Regulator utilizes (phase independent) solid-state microprocessor based regulation to monitor and adjust voltage as needed.

Some locations are in remote or under-developed areas.  In these locations, the power is less than adequate, if and when available.  As a result, our customers and clients need a machine that can protect their equipment when the power is available, regardless of the power quality.

In addition to being a high speed tap change, the Series GSR is armed with a multi-shield computer grade isolation transformer and filter network, to remove transients and noise.  The combined effect is dynamic voltage regulation with communication grade isolation, which solves 99% of electrical disturbance problems.  As the use of power increases in cities/villages around the world, utility power can be compromised, which results in poor quality of power supplied to sensitive electronic equipment.  The effect of unreliable power can cause irrevocable damage to expensive manufacturing equipment, resulting in lost production time and/or products.