The Whole Story

Power Systems & Controls (PS&C) was incorporated in June of 1965 with a sole purpose to design, manufacture, and supply power conditioning systems for “mission critical” power users.  According to our history records, our first customer was the US intelligence community and they still remain as our most complex customer.  This relationship tasked PS&C to develop a specialized expertise in the design and application of isolated power conditioning machines.

These machines developed into product ranges that include:

DC Power Supplies
Enclosures & Shelters
Frequency Converters
Monitoring & Control Products
HEMP & TEMPEST Motor Generator Sets
Power Conditioning
Power Factor Correction
Power Line Filters
Uninterruptable Power Supplies

PS&C has also developed a fully integrated metal enclosure capability and is committed to providing world class field service.

PSC's & Progression:

PS&C has come a long way since our inception; however, we have maintained our focus on the development of Power Quality Products and Solutions.  The objective has been, and always will be, to provide the most effective solution to the posed issue.  If a solution does not exist, PS&C will design and build a product or create a solution by blending commercially available products to suit the need of the customer.

With this Primary Mission, PS&C has been able to develop a large array of products for the Intelligence Community, which have found receptive homes in other business segments.  The following paragraphs highlight the progression of PS&C’s solutions over the past 5 decades.

. . .


Static UPS 1965:
PS&C’s first commercial product, developed in 1967 for Philip Morris, NY was a 10kVA Static UPS.arrow
Rotary UPS 1968:
Due to the limitations of the technology at the time, PS&C turned our development to Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (RUPS) and continues to hold the original U.S. patents.arrow
Series XC 1970:
PS&C developed technology in power semiconductor applications that improved the performance and reliability of the isolation MG (Motor Generator) sets and Rotary UPS (RUPS). The current generation of large Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply machines (or Hybrid RUPS) combines the isolation of a MG set and the extended protection of a UPS. The combination gives the Series XC uncompromising superior isolation characteristics.arrow
Series MC 1992:
During the early 1990’s PS&C began to expand its product offering with the Series MC, a small footprint, low power 3 phase RUPS, which stands up to its nickname “bulletproof”.arrow
Series SC 1996:
The mid 90’s, through PS&C’s innovation, added the Series SC, synchronous condenser for power factor correction.arrow
Series NB 1999:
In response to a 1999 Department of Defense request, PS&C realized the creation of the Series IMG and the Series NB is a No-Break battery-less UPS , which is made to last.arrow
Series GSR 2000:
This model Extended Range Voltage Regulator can last until the end of eternity.arrow
Series IMG 2001:
The Series MG motor-generator for 100% isolation and harmonic control.arrow
Series LPP (Power Cube) 2002:
The Portable Power Module is a rapid deployment machine, that is operational within minutes.arrow
Series SMG (HEMP Defense) 2002:
For 5 years, PS&C’s internal Federal group dedicated efforts to the USG as we created the Series SMG.arrow
Series IMG-RT (Ride-Thru) 2003:
This MG named Series IMG-RT (Ride-Thru), is an industrial motor-generator set for enhanced power conditioning.arrow
Series SMG-RT 2003:
The SMG-RT has a synchronous motor while the IMG-RT has a cheaper induction motor.arrow
Series GRF 2004:
Series GRF is the IC version of the stronger machine that will last forever.arrow
Series PPD 2004:
Series PPD (Portable Power Deployable), which brought PS&C’s offering to 17 Product Lines.arrow
IGBT (Transformer-less) UPS 2005:
It took a 2 year R&D effort for PS&C to offer the best IGBT(Transformer-less) Static UPS in the industry. This machine, the Series Continuum, re-invents the way Static modules are constructed: with open architecture, allowing more service access to the equipment.arrow
Enclosures 2007:
During the same period, PS&C’s metal fabrication group within manufacturing took on an additional role to design and develop rapid deployment and tactical enclosures created for overseas operations.arrow
Secure Shelters 2008:
More products from this group include State Department approved 60 minute FEBR (Forced Entry Ballistic Reinforced) Enclosures, Power Generation, Equipment Shelters, and SCIF’s.arrow
Series FC 2010:
The Frequency Conversion systems named Series FC can be used for 50hz, 60hz, and 400hz applications. This technology is used by our Fortune 500 clients.arrow
UPS - Micro Grid 2010:
For two years PS&C develop products in support of the USG, with CONUS & OCONUS projects. These ranged from large scale UPS systems to advanced Intelligent Micro Grid for forces reporting to the Secretary of the Army. arrow
SCIF 2012:
As of December 2012, PS&C has equipment installed in over 200 Embassies and Consulates as well as 80% of the fortune 250. arrow
New Facility 2021:
As of October 2021, Power Systems & Controls is expanding again! We're excited to announce the purchase of our new facility located a short distance from the Richmond VA factory. arrow