Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply:


Hybrid Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply - Series MC

Power Systems & Controls’ Series MC is a Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (RUPS) also called a Rotary-UPS.  The system was developed to offer the same dependability as our larger Series XC but in a smaller overall footprint. It includes all the best features of a rotary power system making it the ultimate in power protection. The Series MC provides 25kVA to 400kVA of clean, conditioned, uninterruptible power for users such as data centers, test labs, and USG installations. However, any critical power user will appreciate the security of electrical isolation provided by the Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply. The Rotary UPS system comes in single modules, as well as, paralleled systems for complete N+X redundancy.



  • High Speed Digital Controls
  • Versatile Communications Platform
  • Color Touch Screen HMI
  • Isolation Motor-Generator
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Small Overall Footprint
  • Long Life Design

Rotary UPS Technology:

Power Systems & Controls specializes in Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply technology (motor generator) systems. A Rotary UPS consists of a motor generator being incorporated into the overall UPS system's primary power path. This allows for natural wave commutation and the best power quality possible being supplied to downstream loads. This has always been the definition of a Rotary UPS technology; however, in recent years many companies have tried to manipulate this definition to meet their Non-Rotary UPS designs.

One such example are companies that claim a Flywheel power system combined with a static switch and solid state inverter constitutes a Rotary UPS. They claim it constitutes a rotary UPS due to the rotational element of the flywheel. Unfortunately, this is at best a gross over simplification of "rotary" and at worst a misguided attempt to misconstrue and affiliate flywheel power supplies into a motor generator power conditioning protection system.

The flywheel converts rotational energy into mechanical energy.  This is then stored to bridge the power gap should normal utility power fail. Flywheels are used in place of batteries for bridging the gap in power.  Therefore the flywheel is actually a rotating battery.

Why Rotary is Better:

Rotary UPS technology is superior to all other designs because the sole purpose of the uninterruptible power supply is to protect the load.  The isolation that is inherently built into the Rotary UPS machines will protect the load against any and all surges, spikes, lighting and utility anomalies.

With an automatic system bypass and a wide input range the unit will protect the load from small anomalies to long time power outages up to 5 hours. The user interface is a color touch screen display, which offers the operator access to full system control, as well as, system configuration setup and monitoring. PS&C's rotary UPS comes with a standard PLC logic control and internal fault monitoring controls. Air conditioning is not required for the Series MC Rotary-UPS as the integrated free standing metal enclosure with matching battery cabinet allows for proper air flow for cooling.

The Series MC rotary uninterruptible power supply modules are 100% on-line and 100% electrically isolated from utility to load. This electrical isolation is only possible because the motor and generator are distinctly separate with their own carefully grounded frames, which are tied together mechanically through precise coupling. This mechanical separation is the only way to electrically separate the utility from the load.

Rotary-UPS Applications:

The Rotary Uninterruptible  Power Supplies are available in both 50Hz and 60Hz models making it ideal for international organizations looking to streamline their maintenance requirements. Also because of its rugged design the average end of life (EOL) of a Series MC Rotary-UPS system is over 20 years. There are also numerous options available ranging from a remote controls and communications to specialized NEMA and ISO enclosures.