A list of Who We Help

Power Systems & Controls is committed to helping and supporting our customers & clients in realizing their projects. Whether it's being the prime or subcontractor, our customer's interests are always front and center. Who we help and support is a diverse range of customers and clients in a wide variety of fields. Some of the markets we support include:



Airports are a modern day travel terminal that millions of humans visit monthly. The technology supplying terminal information, flight itineraries, delay instructions and so forth is an outstanding accomplishment of man's ability to multi-task.
Commercial Property

Commercial Facilities:

A life of living in luxury depends on modern day conveniences. Can you imagine if a landlord or an apartment complex lost the ability to provide power to its tenants? PS&C is here to facilitate your business, helping you maintain the trust in your reputation.
Communications Industry

Communications Industry

The power to communicate depends solely in one's ability for others to understand them. Let us help you project your message to the world, loudly, constantly and without doubt. PS&C prepares our communication clients on how to keep the power on!
Data Center

Data Centers:

These days, data can be stored in the office or in the cloud. Where ever it may reside, servers are needed to house trusted information. Let PS&C ensure your safety and security with the proper way to power and back up technological storage.


At the core of a successful society, lies the availability to receive health care. The need for power to remain consistent and constant should be something that no hospital takes for granted. PS&C excels at helping the medical community achieve outstanding merits in power supply and conditioning.
Industrial - Manufacturing Plants

Industrial & Manufacturing Plants:

Manufacturing plants are largely run with automatic systems, which rely on computers to meet their production goals. PS&'s Uninterruptible Power Supplies and measures make a difference in providing top of the line stability.
Research Test Labs

Research & Test Labs:

The scientific community is based on constants, which others replicate through testing. Power Systems and Controls understands the meticulous testing process, and has the tools to keep the experiment running smoothly.
Sea Rail Mass Transit

Sea & Rail Mass Transit:

Different power sources are needed to get mass-transit systems running on the streets and in the water. PS&C can convert and stabilize any of your power needs, at exactly any location in the world.
Universities and Training Institutes

Universities & Training Institutes:

No matter what the task at hand is, PS&C individually analyzes an institute's needs for electricity, confidentiality, accessibility and portability. Contact PS&C for a custom power solution towards your institute's next discovery.
United States Government

U.S. Government:

U.S. Government departments can rapidly shift gears with specific needs and timelines. PS&C has years experience, providing the utmost support for secure and covert projects around the world. We guarantee that our team will get the job done efficiently and effectively, with the original parameters measured every step of the way.