The Enclosure systems for the Intelligent Micro Grid are self-contained and built to withstand harsh in-theatre deployments. They are designed to be air flown if required and can be positioned via airlifts. The TDPU's utilize special sand louvers and filters to keep the micro particles from entering into the portable Diesel Engines air stream, thus reducing the engines life. External doors are not required to be open when the engines are running. The exhaust of both the radiator and engine direct upwards, so the surrounding dB level is greatly reduced.

The Intelligent Micro Grid utilizes a plug & play design for ease of connection and portability. All power connections between the TDPU and TDMU utilize identical connectors that cannot be interchanged into an incorrect plug, if it fits then connection is correct. All communication connections utilize the same topology as the load connections. This allows for the TDPU and TDMU to be connected, up and running, within 20 minutes from being positioned on-site. As each power connection is made, the TDMU will recognize the TDPU's power capability and automatically make adjustments to the internal "brain" configuration. This avoids the TDMU from exceeding that particular TDPU's power capabilities.

The Intelligent Micro Grid is available with SAT-COM capability. This option allows the system, with proper software and codes, to be accessed from a remote location. This option has been tested, in real time, by a USG threat assessment team. The findings indicated the system integrity to be of a low level risk when intentional, external influence is present. The team was also unable to influence the power output of the Intelligent Micro Grid.

Then AES unit are utilized, the TDMU controls and integrates the AES source into the Intelligent Micro Grid output. The AES option will further reduce fossil fuel usage, engine run time and engine maintenance respectively. The AES also offers additional inductive inrush capabilities to the on-site grid, allowing the TDPU's to be utilized at an "average load" basis, rather than at a "peak load" basis. Most AES options are available with Energy Storage Modules (ESM), such as batteries, which further enhance the Intelligent Micro Grid capabilities and performance.

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