Hybrid Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply:

Series XC

Hybrid Rotary UPS - XC

Power Systems & Controls’ Series XC is a Hybrid Rotary UPS (RUPS) system designed for “mission critical” facilities. It is available from 400 - 5,000kVA and combines the best features of both rotary isolation and high speed solid-state power stages into one solution for the ultimate in power protection. It is ideal for industrial, manufacturing, microchip production, and laboratory facilities because of its proven dependability, longevity, and electrical isolation. Hybrid Rotary UPS systems come in single modules, as well as, paralleled systems for complete N+X redundancy.



  • 100% True Electrical Isolation
  • High Speed Digital Controls
  • Synchronous Motor & Generator
  • Large Color Touch Screen Interface
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Versatile Communications Platform
  • Long Life Design

Hybrid Rotary UPS Technology:

Power Systems & Controls specializes in Hybrid Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply technology.  A Hybrid Rotary UPS combines the best features of Rotary Motor Generator and Static Uninterruptible Power Systems into the ultimate solution in power protection. It consists of a basic rectifier and naturally commutated square wave inverter, which together drive a specially designed Synchronous Motor and Generator. The motor-generator set absorbs load harmonic, produces a pure sine-wave output, and allows for true electrical isolation from utility to load.

It is a popular misconception that a Hybrid Rotary UPS technology is simply a static UPS feeding an MG set. Power Systems & Controls’ Hybrid design operates by taking advantage of the filtering, wave shaping, and natural commutation offered by our motor generator through incorporating it into the primary power path. The resulting Hybrid Rotary UPS combines the control features of an all static UPS.  As well as wave shaping, isolation, and reliability benefits of a motor generator.  Additionally, the superior reliability of hybrid rotary significantly reduces the cost of ownership and eliminates costly power disturbances.

One of the greatest benefits of hybrid rotary topology is true Electrical Isolation. Obviously, the mission of any UPS is to isolate the critical load from unstable input power conditions.  Such as a high voltage lightning strike, which can damage expensive computer equipment.  In hybrid rotary UPS technology, the motor and generator are distinctly separate.  They have their own carefully grounded frames coupled mechanically through precision coupling. This mechanical separation is the only way to electrically separate the utility from the load.

Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply:

Power Systems & Controls has a long history of developing rotary and hybrid rotary UPS systems and continue to hold the original U.S. patents. Hybrid Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply systems offer many benefits. These include electrical isolation, simplified maintenance, and lower overall maintenance to name some.  In addition, they lower operating costs, have longer end of life (20-30 years), and higher reliability.  And finally, they do not require air conditioning.

The Series XC is a true motor generator, on-line, double conversion uninterruptible power supply, which will protect the critical load with 100% conditioned power 24/7. The motor-generator set absorbs load harmonics while producing a pure sine wave output, which are ideal benefits for any critical load. By operating the rectifier/charger and inverter in series as the primary power path, the Series XC Hybrid Rotary UPS continuously tests its most critical components under actual operating conditions. There is no delay, no transients, and no question when the utility source fails. Transfer to battery is seamless. Additionally, the reliability of those components to perform in a power outage is constantly being verified allowing for proper trending and analysis.

Also by providing a physical air gap between the load and the utility source, the motor-generator set protects the critical load from high power transients, including lightning. This electrical isolation is only possible because the motor and generator are distinctly separate with their own carefully grounded frames, which are tied together mechanically through precise coupling. This mechanical separation is the only way to electrically separate the utility from the load.

Series XC Hybrid Rotary UPS controls:

PS&C's Hybrid Rotary Uninterruptible Power supplies have an interactive color touch screen display reflecting important system information. This gives the user complete control over their hybrid rotary UPS in both monitoring and control. When requested this important information can be incorporated directly into SCADA and other building management systems allowing for seamless dissemination of vital information. Additionally, the greater reliability of the Series XC Hybrid Rotary UPS significantly reduces the cost of ownership and virtually eliminates costly power disruptions. There are also numerous options available ranging from advanced remote communications/controls to customized ISO enclosures for special applications.