Laser Communication Protection:

Series LCP

Power Systems & Controls’ Series LCP is a Laser Communication Protection module developed to protect important communications between different buildings and/or secure stations.  The Series LCP not only offers surge protection, but also acts as an "On Line" UPS System protecting the load from failure. This harsh environment unit has been designed in support of the “mission critical” customer for use anywhere in world. This system is truly capable of being operated globally, including some of the most remote locations including Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.



  • Solid-State Topology
  • TVSS On Input
  • Control & Fault Monitoring
  • IGBT Inverter & Rectifier
  • Integrated Quiet Design
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Wide Input Range

The Laser Communication Protection module operates in the most remote locations.  Areas where the input power moves around from the single phase 120V numerous times within a hour.  As an option, the Series LCP takes an input of (220-240) voltage at 50 or 60Hz power and will deliver clean isolated 120V volt, single phase, 50Hz or 60Hz output.  The standard outputs is achieved via 3 hospital grade duplex outlets and an isolated ground. The unit further protects the load by means of an input TVSS for the power and Ethernet/Phone.

PS&C also equips the Series LCP with the capability of “Hot Start” directly from the battery in order to give the user a few minutes of power when no source is available.  The laser communication protection module is small, portable, and effective.  It can also be outfitted with options to make it the perfect solution for your power quality project.  It can be customized with different NEMA enclosure requirements, as well as, remote communication capability.

The Series LCP is part of a series that includes small UPS systems, a power filter and a surge suppressor.