Line Isolation Monitor Testing:

Testing Isolation in Emergency Rooms is Mandatory

Health Care Facilities insist on (LIM) Line Isolation Monitor Testing to ensure the safety of their patients. Line Isolation monitors are continually operating, and indicate possible leakage or fault currents from isolated conductor to ground.

The testing and preventative maintenance of the monitoring system is essential and specified by Health Care Code Requirements and NEC 517.2 codes, which are recommended yearly.

Power Systems & Controls will perform (LIM) Line Isolation Monitoring testing. In addition to line isolation monitor testing, PS&C will perform a series of Preventative Maintenance procedures to keep your power clean and protected.  PS&C’s Field Service Division offers a wide range of Service Capabilities.

Preventative Maintenance:

  • Electrical Testing
  • Infrared Analysis
  • Megger Testing
  • Power Quality Analysis
Line Isolation Monitor Testing

Power Systems & Controls' preventative maintenance will identify anomalies, faults and other power quality issues, which could be affecting the equipment's performance, cause an outage, or even a fatality.

PS&C has been a power quality manufacturer and service company for 50 years and is located centrally in Richmond, VA. Power Systems & Controls is available for your service needs promptly and locally with just a phone call, so don't wait for long distance or out-of-state businesses. Health Care Facility needs are urgent and require a leader in electrical isolation for clean and efficient power quality service.

Power Systems & Controls can partner for a safer work place, NFPA 99 Compliance, OSHA Compliance, and help in reducing insurance premiums. PS&C power quality specialists will make sure The Power Is On!