As globalization accelerates and international markets become further integrated the need for mobile/portable living quarters will become even more prevalent. Power Systems & Controls offers numerous portable shelters for housing and supporting personnel. Our focus is to provide quality and comfort to your organization and its employees while maximizing your facility’s valuable space. Each living quarter shelter is equipped to provide occupants with the protection and amenities required to live in remote onshore or offshore environments.

PS&C builds these structures as ordered, so the delivery can be long.  We recommend our customers to start with more standard units and make alterations from that base.

Types of Personnel Facilities:

Dining Facility
Housing Facility
Kitchen Facility
Latrine Facility
Shower Facility

Power Systems & Controls’ living quarters can be delivered and setup in less than 24 hours. Furthermore, no foundation or structural assembly is needed.  All galley and dining systems are designed for providing your organization the ability to feed its workforce on site in the most cost effective, efficient, and timely manner. These units are available in a variety of sizes and can be designed for your individual project requirements. For extreme environments, heat-reducing solar netting and external thermal blankets can be deployed to gain further insulation efficiencies. Currently there are dozens of PS&C living quarter shelters deployed and operating around the world supporting government and non-government projects.