Lubrication Analysis:

Lubrication Analysis

Power Systems & Controls’ will help optimize facility health management to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Lubrication Analysis is a proactive maintenance tool because it allows for early warning of unseen corrosion and possible failure. PS&C's comprehensive review of your system will cover everything including advanced wear debris analysis. Power Systems & Controls' oil analyzer tests oil for machine wear, lube contamination, and other indicators that are indicative of a equipment health failure. The results will warn of unseen corrosion, contaminates, lubrication issues, and machine wear. This will extend life of your equipment and decrease the possibilities of equipment failure.

Lubrication eases the friction between moving parts to reduce wear and improve EOL. Lubrication analysis is the method of analyzing the fluids removed from machinery during periodic maintenance. PS&C's comprehensive analysis of your system will correct any errors, as well as, determine the correct lubrication procedures for your equipment moving forward. Data gathered will be provided to the customer in an easy to understand report and allows for immediate corrective action. For rotating equipment, a lubrication analysis is one of the best maintenance steps a facility or organization can take. PS&C’s Field Service Division offers a wide range of Service Capabilities.


  • Keep Fluids Clean
  • Trend Critical Systems
  • Extend Motor Life
  • Decrease Equipment Failures
  • Extend MTBF