Mechanical Engineering:

Mechanical Engineering is a broad statement, which includes such disciplines as piping and fluids, heat transfer and air flow, sheet metal fabrication, and equipment design to just name a few. Our Mechanical Engineers have developed a unique set of skills centered around our electrical systems since 1965. Since that time, the Mechanical Engineering Department at PS&C has become a dominant force within our organization utilizing the latest in FEA equipment to ensure every product we engineer and manufacture meets the needs of our most demanding customers. Every design is built in a 3D modeling package in order for our customers to get more than an interpretation of their product. Our customers are given full mechanical models and our products are backed with calculations to confirm our engineering decisions are sound. Engineering is also involved 100% with the manufacturing process.

Area of Expertise:

  • Evaluate mechanical systems, products, components, and applications
  • Designing and conducting research programs applying our knowledge of mechanical systems
  • Designing and implementing testing methods to confirm system requirements
  • Develop mechanical product by studying the customer’s requirement & application
  • Develop and help implement manufacturing processes
  • Ensure product quality through testing methods
  • Prepare thorough product reports
  • Collect, analyze, and summarize any significant information or trends
  • Offer engineering support by answering questions & requests
  • Keep mechanical equipment operational
  • Maintain and update product data base
  • Provide training and guidelines to Field Service
  • Maintain high levels of professional & technical knowledge
  • Participate in mechanical engineering workshops & societies