Modular Shelter Solutions:

Forward Operating Base Camps

Power Systems & Controls' line of Modular Shelter solutions is built with the latest technology with special attention given to being tactical, versatile, and self-sufficient. Each shelter is built with R22 rockwool insulation that is impervious to water, mold, mildew, and fire. The superstructure is built with welded 2 x 3 structural tube steel and covered with plug welded 16-gauge steel. These modular shelters are the perfect answer to any tactical facility.  The modular systems are easier, less expensive, and more effective when compared to traditional construction processes.

The modular shelter system will be comprised of multiple units built to achieve specific desired attributes. For example, the modular shelter system could include a POC (Portable Office Center), a MTDC (Modular Tactical Data Center), a PRL (Portable Research Laboratory), a PPC (Portable Power Center), a PHF (Portable Housing Facility) and so forth. The deployment is completed with ease as the enclosures line up side-by-side and lock together.  Just use corner casting locks to connect on the long side of connected together via vestibules. Modular shelter systems come in a standard 20’ or 40’ ISO container, or the User can work with our Engineering Department to design the ideal custom footprint for their specific application. However, the use of standard 20’ or 40’ ISO containers does allow for streamlined shipping via commercial carriers.

Rapid Installation and Deployment:

The Modular Shelter Solutions is designed for rapid deployment and can be tailored to meet any requirement. In addition, they can be connected with an internal passage from unit to unit, which creates a complex of shelters with greater square footage. It can be deployed from its mobile form to operational status within minutes of being set on the ground. The multiple floor plans of the individual shelters allow the User to configure the complex to their specific application and operational requirement. Should mission requirements change, the shelters can be easily reconfigured. Furthermore, the modular shelters are easily transported using a number of commercial methods via flatbed truck, railway, cargo plane, or helicopter.

As a result, they can be mobilized and de-mobilized an unlimited number of times without degradation to functional use. Its rugged construction supports multiple deployments and service for 20 years with recommended maintenance. The modular shelters are certified by the American Bureau of Shipping and maintains the Container Shipping Certification (CSC). PS&C offers our standard modular shelter solutions, as well as, models for Expandable and Design & Build requirements. There are approximately 1,000 PS&C Modular Shelter Systems currently deployed and operating OCONUS (Outside Continental United States) in support of USG operations.