Small Products Division

Power Systems & Controls manufactures a range of small products focused on the monitoring and control of our power quality systems.  These are in addition to various other systems needed for special applications. We have an array of products already in production; however, we can also build custom controls/monitoring systems, which would be designed for your specific project/application.  We also utilize the newest technologies in the design and fabrication of our small products. Furthermore, PS&C’s technically versed applications group will help you make the assessment required.

Examples of Monitoring & Control Products:

The following list of products are a small sample of the power quality products we build.  All the products below were manufactured at the request of our customers, during conversations and meetings.

Battery Monitoring System

Battery Monitoring System:

The Series Sentry is a proprietary system, which utilizes modern tech while protecting your critical load. The system is comprised of Wireless Battery Monitors, Parameter Collectors (DACM), Cycle Meter/Controller, DC Current Transformers, Interconnect Wires, and Fused Links. The Cycle Meter/Controller is the "brain" for the system with a (3) window LED readout for system volts, charge/discharge, and AC ripple. A LCD screen monitors all of the parameters and can be adjusted locally in the the event the Sentry II software is not being utilized.

External Test Point System

External Test Point System:

The Series ETP, External Test Point, permits safe access to critical test points of an RF Series System. The Series ETP, mounted outside a system control cabinet, uses safety insulated test point receptacles that enable a service technician to "plug in" for operational and performance data reading. External access to critical test points ensure accurate measurement while eliminating the risk of Arc Flash injury when reaching past exposed and energized electrical equipment.

Maintenance Bypass Switch

Maintenance Bypass Switch:

The Series MBP is designed to be used with any Uninterruptible Power Supply system, static or rotary, that can furnish a dry contact opening when it's internal bypass is closed. The design also permits total manual operation in the event of a total power failure. The Series MBP can also be outfitted with numerous options making it the perfect solution for your project.

Programmable Multi Detector

Programmable Multi Detector:

Series PMD, programmable multi detector is capable of two 3 Phase voltages being monitored simultaneously for a total of thirteen different voltage functions. Coupled with a built-in phase band monitor makes the Series PMD unbeatable. Each function is independently enabled and configured to activate one of eight (8) user selectable outputs. Multiple functions can activate a single output allowing for one or even all of the functions activating a single output.

Remote Monitor & Control

Remote Monitor & Control:

Series RMC, remote monitor & control system is designed to monitor and control diesel engines and automatic transfer switches from a remote location. There are 4 versions of the Series RMC currently available on the market today. The most common model is used by the intelligence community.

Surge Protection Device

Surge Protection Device:

Series SPD, Surge Protection Device. The PS&C line of advanced surge suppression systems offers reliable transient surge protection at any location within your facility, from the service entrance to individual loads. With MOV-based technology, these systems provide many options to get maximum value for your power protection investment. PS&C surge suppression devices can be selected to build a layered protection scheme for all critical points with the facility.