Customers have come to expect certain features from PS&C's rugged and reliable synchronous and industrial motor generator sets. Now both the Series SMG and Series IMG motor generator sets have the following new features:
  • Both have a "Ride-Through" option, which is effective for most utility power disturbances.
  • A touch screen interface simplifies all operator functions. The operator can instantly access all the standard system data but also vital parameters such as status and fault data.
  • Program Logic Controller (PLC) Technology.
The application of modern technology to the Series IMG and Series SMG product lines makes the product easier to use and increases its reliability. Extensive design efforts were applied to insure they provide the expected quality power and safely removes itself from the utility power when necessary.  PS&C chose the best input circuit breaker for each model as they are critical for any power conditioning solution.  When the utility is lost and returns within a short time, the motor may no longer be synchronized with the utility.  The result (with a M-G lacking proper input coordination) can be damage to the set or opening of the system input breakers.

PS&C has taken an additional protective step to prevent the Series IMG or Series SMG from experiencing an out of synchronicity return of utility power. Two protective circuits that monitor the generator's output frequency have been designed. These circuits predict when an out of synchronicity event is eminent. The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) will open the input breaker before the event can occur. By looking ahead, and acting before the problem occurs, stresses are eliminated from the machines and the user's electrical system.

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