Who We Are

In 1965 Power Systems & Controls Inc (PS&C) was established in response to a need by Caterpillar to build a series of machines that would bridge the 8 second gap of time from Utility outage to the Diesel Generator being synchronized on-line. Based in Richmond, VA, PS&C has been working in the power quality field ever since. Our electrical power offerings have grown over the decades and we have added a full line of custom enclosures that are used for individual products, as well as, complete integrated systems.

In addition, we provide complete power integration and protection solutions. PS&C is in the very unique position to be able to offer the best possible options to our clients because we build both Solid-State (Static) and Rotary topologies. Power Systems & Controls is registered with the CCR/SAM and possesses both a Cage Code (29675) and DUNS Number (05-7874737).

Commitment to our Clients and Customers:

Power Systems & Controls commitment to quality and our customers is unmatched because we are dedicated to producing a valuable and superior product each and every time. PS&C also has a rigorous quality control program in place, which is currently being ISO 9001 certified. We are so confident about the products and services that PS&C offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee as Power Systems & Controls is singularly focused and uniquely defined by our complete company-wide commitment to building great relationships with our customers and clients. We are successful because we make sure you are successful.

Our Series Continuum, SFC, AVR, and GSR are now available with the latest in IGBT/IGBT topology, making it an ideal choice for any demanding application. However, our proven 6 and 12 pulse topology is still available; providing reliable power conditioning and conversion at a more economical cost. Power Systems & Controls’ rotary topology is built for the most severe applications. The rotary’s durability and longevity is unmatched in the industry, but also offers true electrical isolation, a key component for many of today’s expanding and demanding markets. PS&C rotary systems are on line 100% of the time, which gives our clients the confidence in knowing their equipment is continuously being tested at full load. No other manufacturer can make the statement. Our Hybrid systems incorporate the best of both with a rugged design complimented with common sense simplicity.

Our Reputation with Clients:

PS&C customers and clients are throughout the world including the Intelligence Community (IC) within the USG. This strong relationship extends to multiple branches within the armed forces as PS&C has personnel who have security clearance with the U.S State Department. PS&C has developed and manufactured for the Department of Defense and other agencies, power systems for flight line, forward operating forces, and fixed installations. Additionally, PS&C has worked with Fortune 1000 & 500 companies to provide engineering power solutions for their most complex power problems. Power Systems & Controls has products installed throughout North America, as well as, in over 150 countries around the world.