What are Personnel Shelters:


Personnel Shelters (PPS) are transforming business.  How, where, and when we conduct businesses across the world is becoming quicker and easier. Office hours are no longer operating from 9 to 5.  Organizations moving forward in the 21st century are doing business 24/7, all around the world, and in some of the most remote places imaginable. Power Systems & Controls has taken the initiative to provide secure, reliable, and portable solutions to those organizations embracing this new way thinking.

Types of Portable Shelters:

Command Center
Medical Center
Office Center
Work Center

Personnel Shelters and modified shelter systems are becoming more mainstream every day. Custom shipping containers are now residential, commercial, retail, government and industrial applications. From workshops to mobile offices the need for a more versatile solution is growing every day. Our knowledgeable Engineering Department has decades of experience in designing the right answer for our customer’s needs from the simplest to most elaborate projects.These units are available in a variety of sizes and can be designed for your individual project requirements. Heat-reducing solar netting and external thermal blankets offer greater insulation in extreme environments. Currently there are dozens of PS&C personnel shelters deployed and operating around the world supporting government and non-government projects.