Portable Command Center:

Model PCC

Power Systems & Controls developed our Portable Command Center (PCC) for DOD and USG operations such as FEMA. It sets the standards for all mobile/portable command centers as the need for a more flexible command structure grows across the world. PS&C’s Portable Command Centers are tested, proven, and manufactured with the latest communication and monitoring technology in the world.

The temperature within the Portable Command Center (PCC) is controlled through a central ECU, which maintains the internal temperature between 65-85 degrees. The PCC is offered in a 20’, 40’, or custom footprint designed by PS&C’s Engineering Department. Within the PCC there are 12-16 wired stations, which are wired for electrical, internet, and communication connection. Materials utilized in construction are water and fire resistant, easy to clean, and use common hardware so no special tools are required. Work station tables can be permanent or collapsible, depending on the need for overall space. The command center is manufactured with insulated windows, and can be constructed of either tempered glass, laminated glass, or Plexiglas.

PCC Interior Design:

The PCC has numerous electrical outlet receptacles and CAT 6 dual port outlets. Internal lighting consists of LEDs, which meet the ISO 8995-1:2002 (CIE S 008/E: 2001) standard for interior lighting in offices. Additionally, the portable command center is customized with 42’-55’ flat screen televisions, advanced communications, and color monitors for displaying information and HMI. There are exterior hookups for utility and secondary generator power. The receptacles are designed to withstand the elements, protect against moisture, and accommodate pin & sleeve plugs. The PCC is also outfitted with a 16-25’ hand cranked automatic locking mast for communications with central command.

PS&C’s portable command center is capable of being deployed anywhere its needed as it can be transported by truck, train, and plane. Power Systems & Controls offers our standard 20’ and 40’ Portable Command Centers, as well as work centers, Modular, and Design & Build requirements.