Portable Dining Facility:

Model PDF

Power Systems & Controls developed our Portable Dining Facility (PDF) for Users who require a dining area for remote environments. The PDF was designed for government and corporate entities that need to feed their workforce in isolated or hostile locations. PS&C’s portable dining facilities are tested, proven, and manufactured to accommodate between 10 – 500 personnel.

The temperature within the Portable Dining Facility (PDF) is controlled using forced air HVAC. The PDF is offered in a 20’, 40’, or custom design footprint. If desired, our fully staffed Engineering Department will work with the User to plan the ideal custom footprint or modular solution for their specific project requirements. Also, the dining facility comes complete with chairs, tables, and other miscellaneous equipment required for dining. Tables can be free standing or can be integrated into the container.  In this manner, they do not become damaged during transport.

There are numerous configurations available. Ranging from 10 personnel to complete modular system capable of accommodating up to 500 personnel eating at one time. LED lighting is provided throughout the dining facility for ISO 8995-1:2002 (CIE S 008/E: 2001) lighting regulations. The floor of the PDF is constructed of interlocking rubber tiles, which are non-slip, stain resistant, and easily cleanable. Furthermore, the portable dining facility has power and communication hookups allowing for quick and easy connection. In addition, portable dining facility is capable of being deployed anywhere in the world as it can operate on 50Hz or 60Hz power. Currently PS&C is in the process of redesigning our original dining shelters in order to meet the challenge of tomorrow’s demanding applications. Power Systems & Controls can offer our standard 10’, 20’, and 40’ portable dining facilities, as well as, models for Expandable, Modular, and Design & Build requirements.