What is a Portable Equipment Shelter:

Model PES

Power Systems & Controls developed our Portable Equipment Shelter (PES) as a line of shelters to house a combination of different systems not specifically dedicated to one task. The Series PES is typically utilized to protect a specific piece of equipment.  It is usually deployed with other shelter systems for mission support. PS&C’s Portable Equipment Shelters are tested, proven, and have been successfully deployed for dozens of different applications.

Like all Power Systems & Controls’ shelters, the power penetrations are weather protected pin & sleeve connections.  However, greater than 200A will require weather protected terminal blocks. The Portable Equipment Shelter (PES) is offered in a 20’, 40’, or custom design footprint. Furthermore, our Engineering Department can help support the User in customizing the PES to become the perfect solution for their project. However, utilizing a standard ISO container does allow for cost mitigation as it is easy transportable via commercial shipping channels.

The PES has successfully protected Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Frequency Converters, Power Conditioning Systems, Communications Gear, as well as, other non-power related equipment. They are built in a standard platform with a single or redundant 5 ton HVAC.  These units are recessed within the ISO footprint, allowing for rapid deployment.

PS&C’s portable equipment shelter is capable of being transported and deployed anywhere in the world. Furthermore, they have been successfully utilized for USG, DOD, DOS, and Corporate 500 applications. Power Systems & Controls can offer our standard 20’ or 40’ Portable Equipment Shelters, as well as, models for Expandable, Modular, and Design & Build requirements.