Portable Housing Facility:

Model PHF

Power Systems & Controls developed our Portable Housing Facility (PHF) to provide temporary living solutions for both government and private sector requirements. Whether the User is trying to house soldiers in Iraq or workers on an oil rig, the PHF is the ideal solution. There are dozens of different floor plans available, as well as, varying overall footprints. PS&C portable housing facilities are tested, proven, and can be manufactured to house 100+ personnel.

PS&C’s Portable Housing Facility (PHF) has previously been built for 10’, 20’, 40’, 53’, and custom design/build housing projects. Our Engineering Department can help the User in realizing their unique vision and offer the best solution for their needs. The temperature within the PHF is controlled using forced air HVAC. The PHF is outfitted with personnel lockers for sufficient storage of equipment and personal belongings. For sleeping arrangements, beds or bunks are integrated into the shelter system and anchored so that no damage will occur during transport.

Interior Finishing:

LED lighting is incorporated into the container system to provide sufficient lighting.  This is per ISO 8995-1:2002 (CIE S 008/E: 2001) lighting regulations. The floor consists of interlocking rubber tiles, which are non-slip, stain resistant, and easily cleanable. Windows can be incorporated into the design of the PHF when desired.  In addition, they can be constructed of tempered glass, laminated glass, or Plexiglas. Additionally, PS&C’s portable housing facilities can be linked together with other living quarters, using vestibules. This creates one complete modular system where the User can travel from shelter to shelter without ever being exposed to the outside elements. This is ideal for environments in extreme heat or cold.

The portable housing facility is capable of being stationed anywhere in the world. They can be positioned and installed by 2-3 personnel in under two (2) hours. Power Systems & Controls offers our standard 20’ or 40’ portable housing facilities, as well as, models for Expandable, Modular, and Design & Build requirements.