Portable Office Center:

Series POC

Power Systems & Controls developed our Portable Office Center (POC) for applications ranging from construction sites to emergency disaster situations. The portable office center creates a controlled and suitable environment to conduct business while on location. The design varies based on the application of the User; however, function and comfort are the two main driving design elements. PS&C’s Portable Office Centers are tested, proven, and manufactured to withstand the harshest conditions in the world.

The temperature within the (POC) is controlled with a 1-4 ton HVAC system; however, cooling can also be achieved in a closed system “Split Pack” if the User requires. The POC is offered in a 20’, 40’, or custom design footprint. Our Engineering Department can work with the User to achieve any requirement desired as there are numerous configurations and options available. EMI Shielding will ensure important conversations and information are protected. Remote sites are given the same level of protection as an actual office.

Interior Layout:

The POC includes desks, work stations, chairs, HMI displays and power/data hookups. Series 4000 wire mold is used for data and power drops. However, they can also be secured behind false walls. The shelter system utilizes pin & sleeve connections to ensure the equipment will remain reliable and operate as intended. Users gain access to the POC through personnel doors located on both ends of the enclosure. LED lighting is provided throughout the portable office center for ISO 8995-1:2002 (CIE S 008/E: 2001) requirements for office lighting. The POC gives USG and corporate entities the flexibility needed for today’s fast moving and demanding customers & clients.

PS&C’s portable office center is capable of being operated anywhere in the world through 50Hz/60Hz frequency converter systems integrated into the shelter. For demanding projects, (N+1) redudant HVAC and UPS power are also available. Power Systems & Controls can offer our standard 20’ or 40’ Portable Office Centers, as well as, models for Expandable, Modular, and Design & Build requirements.