Portable Power Module:


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Portable Power Module

Power Systems & Controls developed the Portable Power Module, Series LPP, in support of the smaller FOB’s and TOC’s down range, that do not have the infrastructure to develop or attain clean and isolated power, but still have the need for it.  The Series LPP will take unregulated power and deliver the clean, isolated power required by the USG’s equipment.  PS&C understands RFI/EMI needs and has a full product mix of Tempest, EMI & HEMP products.

The Series LPP pulls together our accomplishments in isolation, Uninterruptable Power and Power Filtering in a tactical and portable package.  In order to be versatile, the Series LPP was designed to accept voltages from 110 to 230V at 30 to 70Hz.  The LPP has an Surge Protection Device, UPS, and Power Line Filter.   The unit is a rapid deployment machine, that is operational within minutes.  It is able to withstand the harsh electrical environment in under developed locations with dirty power.

The main function for this unit is to clean up the power in remote locations, where a few clean power desks are needed.  With visual indication through the front door, they are safe.