Portable Research Laboratory:

Model PRL

Power Systems & Controls developed our Portable Research Laboratory (PRL) to set the industry standard for advanced mobile Research Lab solutions. The PRL is designed for USG and private sector applications. The portable research lab is a 20’, 40’, or custom design footprint container.  They are outfitted with the necessary research lab equipment to accomplish any mission. PS&C’s Portable Research Laboratories (PRL) are tested, proven, and can be manufactured to handle the most severe requirements.

The equipment within the Portable Research Laboratory (PRL) is typically pre-populated by the User, and is integrated into the container system by PS&C. However, our Engineering Department can work with the User to provide a completed “turn-key” solution. Electrical outlets are located every 5’ around the whole of the enclosure. LED lighting is incorporated into the container system to provide sufficient lighting per ISO 8995-1:2002 (CIE S 008/E: 2001) lighting regulations. The temperature is controlled by a HVAC system, which is stored in an enclosed area at the end of the container to protect against the elements and unauthorized tampering.

Ease of use:

For gaining access, the PRL has swing doors at one end for populating the container, as well as, two (2) personnel doors for laboratory technicians. Personnel doors are cipher or key lockable. The floor of the PRL is interlocking rubber tiles, which are slip resistant, water proof, and easily cleanable. A bathroom is provided at one end of the container for personnel. Desk and workstations are located throughout the mobile laboratory for processing information and data entry. The counter tops utilized in the PRL are Phenolic Resin per scientific standards.  They are located along the walls creating almost 40’ of usable work space.

PS&C’s portable research laboratory can be deployed anywhere in the world as it has the required electrical connections and power quality equipment to continuously run on 50Hz or 60Hz power at any required voltage. As a result, they are easy to customize.  Subsequently, the units are made to order with simple changes.   Power Systems & Controls can offer our standard 20’ or 40’ Portable Research Laboratory, as well as, models for Expandable, Modular, and Design & Build requirements.