Portable Shower Facility:

Model PSF

Power Systems & Controls developed our Portable Shower Facility (PSF) for USG and corporate entities that work in remote locations with an on-site workforce. The portable shower facility is a "turn-key" solution.  It provides a safe sheltered location for personnel to shower. PS&C’s portable shower facilities are tested, proven, and manufactured to be both electrically and water efficient.

A Portable Shower Facility has air condition temperature controlled system.  The Shower facilities are 20’, 40’, or custom design footprint. There are numerous configurations available; however, based on the configuration chosen, the PSF can accommodate between 5 – 20 showers.  In addition to the showers, the PSF is has sinks and mirrors for person hygiene support.  The shelter Water is provided by traditional utility pipes or a water bladder for isolated sites. It has advanced electrical and water hookups allowing for quick and easy connection.

Interior Layout:

If a unique configuration is required, PS&C’s Engineering Department can work with the User to design and manufacture the ideal solution for their specific application. The PSF is an enclosed system with only one (1) personnel access door. The door is key lockable and swings outward allowing for maximum space possible inside the shelter. The flooring is interlocking rubber tiles, which are water resistant, non-slip, and easily cleanable. Furthermore, DC LEDs are provided for interior and exterior lighting.  They are located throughout the shelter at the personnel door for safety.

PS&C’s portable shower facility is capable of being deployed anywhere in the world where there is a supply of water.  It is durable with an end of life (EOL) of well over 10 years. Power Systems & Controls builds standard 20’ and 40’ shower facilities.  In addition to our models of Expandable, Modular, and Design & Build requirements.