Portable Storage Shelter:

Model PSS

Power Systems & Controls developed our Portable Storage Shelter (PSS) for convenient and easily accessible storage for USG, DOD, and Corporate customers. The portable storage shelter is a 20’, 40’, or custom footprint.  Built from containers,  designed to store important equipment for remote or hostile environments. We offer dozens of different configurations, so that the User can select the ideal solution for their specific application. PS&C’s Portable Storage Shelters are tested, proven, and can be transported anywhere in the world due to International ISO shipping standards.

The cabinets within the Portable Storage Shelter (PSS) are positioned and selected based on the needs of the User as our Engineering Department can provide a complete “turn-key” solution. This versatility enables the User to optimize the space within the container to their specific needs. If required, the shelter can be outfitted with an HVAC system.  This will provide any level of cooling/heating required for site location.

Tactical System Configurations:

The PSS has LED lighting throughout the container to provide sufficient lighting for possible night-time usage. The floor consists of interlocking rubber tiles, which are non-slip, water resistant, and easily cleanable. Additionally, for gaining access to the shelter there are three (3) access points. There is one (1) swing door located at the end of the container, with a an integrated personnel door.  In addition to a second personnel door located on the opposite end of the container.

PS&C’s portable storage shelter is capable of being located in any 50Hz or 60Hz country anywhere in the world.  They deploy quickly, with a small crew.  Power Systems & Controls can offer our standard 20’ or 40’ Portable Storage Shelters, as well as, models for Expandable, Modular, and Design & Build requirements.