Rotary & Static Technology

Power Conditioning is the method of electrically cleaning the quality of power you receive from the utility or portable power. Power conditioners have become prevalent due to the ever expanding technological advancements brought upon by globalization. PS&C has multiple methods of dealing with bad or dirty power and our team of application Engineers will find the right solution.

Power Conditioning Options:

Automatic Voltage Regulator

Automatic Voltage Regulator:

The Series AVR is a high-efficiency design, which results in a lower operating cost. Sizes are available from 10 to 1000kVA. Optional internal manual bypass maintains the system isolation, voltage transformation, and power conditioning. There are numerous other options available including remote communications, as well as, NEMA enclosures for unforgiving locations.

Industrial Motor Generator Sets

Industrial Motor Generators:

An Industrial Motor Generator (Series IMG) is also known as an Induction – Synchronous MG set. It is the correct solution for Industrial and Commercial applications that need power conditioning or line to load isolation. The IMG is offered with control options from basic to advanced PLC control.
Laser Communication Protection

Laser Communication Protection:

The Laser Communication Protection module operates in the most remote locations. Areas where the input power moves around from the single phase 120V numerous times within a hour. As an option, the Series LCP takes an input of (220-240) voltage at 50 or 60Hz power and will deliver clean isolated 120V volt, single phase, 50Hz or 60Hz output. The standard outputs is achieved via 3 hospital grade duplex outlets and an isolated ground. The unit further protects the load by means of an input TVSS for the power and Ethernet/Phone.
Ride-Thru Motor Generator Sets

Ride-Thru Motor Generators:

A Ride Thru Motor Generator Set (Series IMG-RT) is an MG set that provides extended rotational energy to maintain power for a very short time. This capability proves to be very effective when Industrial and Commercial power users experience 100ms to 500ms interruptions.  The IMG-RT can be built with different amounts of flywheel, depending upon the load requirement.
Synchronous Motor Generator Sets

Synchronous Condenser (Power Factor Correction):

The Series SC is built with voltage, frequency, and temperature sensors to protect your system against overload or other dangerous scenarios. It also has precision solid-state voltage and power factor regulators, as well as, switchboard grade VAR and power factor meters to make sure your system is operating at peak performance 24/7. The Series SC has many options, which include a color touch screen display and remote communications. In other words, this makes it the perfect solution for any industrial application.
Synchronous Motor Generator Sets

Synchronous Motor Generators:

A Synchronous Motor Generator (Series SMG) is built with a synchronous motor and synchronous generator and will produce a perfect waveform. This is accomplished with the motor being synchronized to the utility and maintaining and exact output. This is critical for some very sensitive computer systems and avionics power supplies.

Power Conditioning Motor Generators and Automatic Voltage Regulators are the most common methods, however in some cases, Isolation Transformers and Power Filtering may be needed.  The two types of ower conditioner topology is Rotary Motor Generator or Static Solid-State Motor Generator. For some critical power customers, 100% electrical isolation is the only solution.  Regardless of the problem our customer is experiencing, Power Systems & Controls has the right the solution for the described issue.  The following list of equipment are world class solutions utilizing both rotary and static solutions.

Examples of Power Conditioning:

  • A factory with sensitive equipment and controls located on a noisy grid.
  • A power user with irreplaceable equipment that cannot handle power anomalies.
  • A plant with many types of process, causing internal problems to the power backbone.
  • A customer with multiple sub-cycle to 1 sec interruptions during a given time period.