What is a Power Converter:

A power converter is a piece of specialized equipment that converts electrical power from one power to another.  The first thing that you need to do is determine what voltage and frequency you need and what you have.  Then you can determine if you need a power converter.  If you need a converter, you then have to decide if you need something as simple as a transformer or something more complex.  If you just need to raise of lower the voltage, a transformer will achieve the task.  However, you might need an advanced system,  such as frequency or voltage conversion equipment.

Power conversion can range anywhere from converting alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), as well as, converting the power's specific attributes such as frequency, voltage, and/or phase. Converters can either be static (electronic) or rotary (mechanical) based on the application and requirements.  The main difference in the technology is that the static machines are designed for non industrial environment.  In contrast to this, the rotary machines are built for more harsh environments found in commercial and industrial applications.

 Power Conversion Solutions:

The following links are a list of the type of converter systems that will fix your problem.  PS&C is happy to help and you are welcome to reach out an call us, anytime.