U.S. Refinery
Personal and unexpected attention always improves relationships and helps to create loyal customers. It is amazing how much people appreciate knowing that their business is valued and that someone cares! A great example is the Exxon refinery at Baton Rouge, which installed a PS&C Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply, in February of 1992, that protects major operations from electrical outages.

The Series XC provides electricity to the computers and software programs that control and monitor the refinery's fractionators, catalytic crackers, and other units. If those systems lose power, the refinery runs less efficiently and becomes susceptible to operational shut downs. The entire electrical protection system consists of 2 PS&C RUPS, an 8-foot-tall bank of batteries and an 800 kW generator safeguards against instantaneous electrical dips and surges during storms that can damage refinery controls. The battery provides continuous power and protection during even the slightest outage, and if there is an extended power loss the diesel generator can run the equipment.

The PS&C Rotary UPS (RUPS) and its components make Exxon Baton Rouge self-sufficient. This independence was thoroughly tested recently when Hurricane Andrew ripped through the area leaving massive destruction behind. When contacted by PS&C's Service Coordinator, sources at Exxon told us that the entire system rode through the storm just fine. They were very pleased with our call, concern, and attention.

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