Power Line Filter:


Dynamic Frequency Regulator

PS&C’s Power Line Filter (Series PLF) delivers clean isolated power required by shielded spaces or rooms.  The filters are built with a clean side and an unfiltered side with access for multiple connection points.  The base design for the Power Line Filter is to provide a high degree of electrical isolation between source power and the secure load. The Power Line Filter was developed for the United States Government IC and meets all standards for the application intended.  The Power Line Filter product line has 150% and 200% Neutral legs when required.



  • MIL STD 202
  • MIL STD 220
  • MIL-F-15733
  • NFPA 70
  • 1, 2, 3, & 4 leg Designs
  • Long Life Design

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In addition to the Power Line Filter, the power path will require an Isolation Transformer to make the Tempest Shield.