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Since 1965, Power Systems & Controls has been dedicated to providing superior power products and solutions to our customers and clients. Power Systems & Controls manufactures Static (Solid State), Rotary, and Hybrid equipment. We specialize in Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Frequency Converters, Power Conditioning, Maintenance Products, DC Power Supplies.  In addition, we also build a line of products to support the United States Government with Isolation Products.  Power Systems & Controls is proud to be an American Manufacturer, and that we continue to carry on the long held tradition of providing top notch U.S. manufactured products.

Frequency Converters:

Power Systems & Controls have been manufacturing Frequency Converter systems since 1967 with our early converters being built for Motorola in Illinois.  That unit was built as a frequency converter that could be upgraded to a full UPS.  Subsequently, Motorola had us perform that upgrade about 15 years later.  That UPS is still in operation today and has supported Motorola through many outages, while protecting their load every time.  That RFC was a 75kVA and that rotary machine is still being built today.  And in a very similar design, but the size is slightly different.

We have built frequency converters for many industries as this equipment is needed more and more with globalization.  As a result, the 50HZ equipment being used in the US a frequency converter.  And as you would expect, US equipment being used in 50HZ country requires the same.  However, a large install based of rotary frequency converters and static frequency converters are used for aircraft and military support.  Since their inception into our product mix, PS&C has been serving the Industrial & Commercial industry as well as the US Government.  Our Frequency Converters are manufactured in rotary converters and static converters from 1kVA to 5000kVA in single modules.

Uninterruptible Power Supply:

Power Systems & Controls have been manufacturing Uninterruptible Power Supplies since 1965 with our very first machine being built for Phillip Morris in New York.  The unit was a 10kVA UPS that took up the same space as a present day 500kVA Static UPS.   That machine was later replaced with a much larger Rotary UPS.  As a result, that unit stayed in operation with only 2 recorded system problems in 27 years.  Since that first machine, PS&C has built 1000's of UPS systems, serving the Industrial & Commercial industry as well as the US Government.  Although we build very robust UPS systems, that is not all.  Due to our flexibility in supporting our customers needs, our reputation precedes us.  Our Uninterruptible Power Supply systems are manufactured in Rotary UPS, Static UPS as well as a couple of battery-less solutions.  The UPS' are built from 1kVA to 5000kVA in single and parallel modules.

Power Conditioning:

Power Systems & Controls have been manufacturing Power Conditioners since 1970 with the first Motor Generator manufactured for Blue Cross / Blue Shield in North Carolina.  The unit was a 150kVA power conditioner to isolate the data center from the utility power fluctuations they were experiencing at the time.  The power service feeding the facility was a long run from the closest distribution yard.  As a result, the power was not as stable as required for their sensitive server equipment.

Therefore, an isolation motor generator was deployed to offer them voltage regulation as well as 100% isolation from the utility, offering them a power conditioner to protect their equipment.  The equivalent Static machines are called voltage regulators (AVR) and Government Spec Regulators (GSR) with a standard and extended range on the input, while maintaining a tighter output regulation.  Our Power Conditioners are manufactured 5kVA to 1500kVA in solid state and 5kVA to 5000kVA in rotary solutions.

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