Power Quality Specialists:

Power Systems & Controls (PS&C) has been solving “Power Quality Problems” since 1965 by developing creative solutions for our customers and clients. PS&C designs, manufactures & services power conditioning equipment around the world with equipment in over 190 different countries and providences.  PS&C’s 20,000 sq ft Engineering Center of Excellence is adjacent to our 60,000 sq ft Main Factory which manufactures our UPS Systems, Frequency Converters, Motor Generator Sets, Power Factor Correction, Voltage Regulation, and other power related power quality systems.  Our commitment to quality and our customers ensures we manufacture the highest quality product each and every time.

The factory also houses PS&C’s Custom Enclosure division. We offer enclosures for our own equipment, as well as, Tactical Data Centers (Forced Air and Water Cooled), Rapid Deployment Expandable Enclosures, Forced Entry Ballistic Reinforced Enclosures, and RFI/Acoustical Rated Shelters.  PS&C also completely integrates our complex power quality systems within these containers and shelters offering a finished product of the highest quality.

PS&C’s mission has always been to offer the best solution for our customers’ projects, while maintaining the highest level of quality, and through this process we have built a network of devoted customers and clients.