Power Quality Survey:

Dirty Power Can Damage Your Equipment Over Time

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Power Systems & Controls' Power Quality Survey will help optimize facility health management to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).  Power quality refers to the reliable delivery of clean electrical energy in a form that enables electrical equipment to operate properly.  Electrical disturbances may cause malfunctions, failures, or shut downs unexpectedly.  Many facilities such as hospitals, data centers, and manufacturing plants cannot accept these consequences caused by dips, spikes, surges, outages, or other disturbances.  They need smooth, clean, reliable power for their operating processes.

A Power Quality Assessment or Survey is performed in order for our customers to understand the condition or health of the electric equipment being tested.  PS&C utilizes the latest equipment and technology for our Power Quality Surveys.  Whether the problem is in a manufacturing line or sensitive hospital equipment, PS&C will locate the source of the issue and give a detailed recommendation to correct it.  Our reports contain easy to understand electrical waveforms, outlining how your equipment is acting and reacting to the power.  PS&C will accomplish this through monitoring all waveforms within the power.  We will identify any grounding errors, transient voltages, surges, and harmonic distortions that may be affecting your power quality, and therefore, system reliability.  PS&C’s thorough approach is the best method for building the optimal solution.


  • Electrical Backbone Analysis
  • Phantom Disturbances
  • Reduce Insurance Premiums
  • Third Party Testing


  • Avoid Untimely Outages
  • Detailed Mapping of Distribution System
  • Plan for Maintenance
  • System Knowledge for Future Growth