The majority of Power Specialists' Inc. sales are the Washington, D.C. power line with companies such as Control Concepts, Itronics, Avtec Power Systems, etc. but they are working hard to make Power Systems & Controls a large part of their business. Power Specialists is the representative firm in southern California who recently brought home an order for Siemens Solar. This order was for 750kva Series XC Rotary UPS systems with a 5 minute battery. Siemens Solar wanted to back up a number of German built wire saws. The saws are used by them to produce silicon wafers for solar panels.

Power Specialists were contacted by Tolar & Associates (Siemens' Engineering Firm) and asked to provide a budgetary quote. A package was sent which was followed by a presentation at Toler & Associates by our very own Mr. Gene Weaver, PS&C Regional Sales Manager. Several additional contacts were made and many questions were answered. The system shipped the last week in September with a December start-up schedule, which PS&C Field Service will handle. This order is truly unique in that the total elapsed time from first contact to order placement was only 3 weeks. We were awarded the order because of our quick response, superior offering, and the fact that PS&C has a good representative sales force in the area to act as a liaison.

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